Will Africans embrace their archaic humanoid roots?

'Ghost' human ancestor discovered in West Africa
Researchers suggest DNA from this group makes up between 2% and 19% of modern West Africans' genetic ancestry.
They believe the interbreeding occurred about 43,000 years ago.

In addition, blacks also have 0.5% Neanderthal admixture:

Black people are originally only native to West Africa and expanded East and South during the Central Sudanic and Bantu expansions. They expanded through mass genocide and slavery of the other races such as Pygmies, Khoisan, Austronesians, and Nilotes/Hamitics. This means, that since most Bantus living in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa are West African in origin they likely possess admixture too.
Will Africans embrace their archaic humanoid roots?
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