Should we promote the stay at home dad and house man?

we're basically force feeding women to every white collar branche of labour (notice that nobody cares for female quota in blue collar jobs) in order to solve a very unscientifically determinded "inequality" problem... but that's a discussion for another day.

My question is: how is it that we in all those years never even begun to promote the image of the stay at home dad?

certainly being a stay at home family member, doing the chores and rising the children is not a bad thing is it? children won't rise themselves. why is there not a huge campaign to promote this and financial support for families that decide to go that route? why do all "equality movements" always care for just womens career, and completely dismiss the fact that they are weakening the family structure if they don't replace that role with something new? or do you think there's something wrong with a stay at home dad?

This isn't a troll question and not a question meant to dismiss or brush off the individual problems that one may experience belonging to one gender so if you disagree with the premise of this question, i invite you to have a civil discourse and constructively critique my question.
is this the future?
is this the future?
i won't allow anonymous answers. if you got something to say to this, own up to it.

bonus discussion for if you are a bit more educated on the topic than the average joe (no insult, this is not common knowledge): do you think the single breadwinner model is financially still a feasible survival strategy in modern days? can especialially the financial middle class even afford one stay at home parent? and do you agree with me, that the dual breadwinner model negatively influences a family-units capacity to properly socialize their child (ren)?
This is where "equality" goes to far
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i think that's just the logical next step
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I did not mean or intend to ridicule stay at home dad's by choosing this picture. It was meant in a humorous way. I do support every dad's decision to be a stay at home family member in order to take the challenge of rising a child while managing the household.

I do realize that it may come off as offensive if you're a stay at home dad and I apologise for that. I did not mean it in that way.
Should we promote the stay at home dad and house man?
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