Is wanting something girly really sexist?

I was playing with a group of friends. And I wanted to get some flowers for my room. I already have pink theme which i find so adorable i just love frilly pretty things.

Anyways my friend asked me why I wanted flowers. I stated i just want something to make my room more girly.

She became really offended and said she is a girl and doesn't like flowers. And many men like flowers to it isn't gender exclusive and its the year 2020 everyone likes flowers.

I became confused. I stated mostly on valentines day or other occasions it is more common for women such as myself to appreciate flowers. Or when a baby is born typically based upon gender a baby is wrapped in pink or blue.

She felt even more offended 😩 and said she doesn't like flowers or pink. Im confused again because it is MY room. Im not talking about anyone else and what other people like.

But she says men like to feel feminine too. But I am confused. Femininity is referenced to women. And if loving frilly pink flowery things help men who like these things feel feminine. 😭 what did i say wrong? She is so angry she doesn't even want to hang out anymore

I understand this is a new era. But I feel like everything im saying is being nitpicked apart.

Im christian and she always says she's a satan worshipper I dont care or throw around my weight i just tell her to do her thing 😩
Is wanting something girly really sexist?
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