What's your take on SBR's?

I like them a lot, but to be practical in my mind, a specialty round is needed, a great example is 300 Blackout because the powder burns at a much faster rate, allowing you to have a shorter barrel while maintaining a lot more power than a.223 and it doesn't make as much of a fireball due to the unburned powder igniting out the barrel. I think the restrictions for them are really stupid considering how easy it is to break them, all one has to do is buy a sbr upper and attach it to a lower and BAM, you now have an SBR, but you need to get it registered and wait 6 months as well as pay a $200 tax stamp for it. Luckily, arm braces have eliminated this by legally defining it as a pistol, thus no registration, tax stamp, and most importantly no 6 month wait time, and you can use the brace as a stock which is still currently legal. Overall, I love the idea of an SBR due to a nice handy dandy 300 Blackout with an 8.5" barrel being able to be stashed in places that a full length AR can't fit while retaining a lot of power, but these days many people seem to discount my point that they're wasting a lot of powder with a short.223 and a 300 Blackout is a much better round for an SBR build. What's your take on short barreled rifles?
Whats your take on SBRs?
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What's your take on SBR's?
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