Should I report my selfish neighbour?

My next door neighbour is extremely careless and inconsiderate towards others. He has two sons sorry i mean one son and now a daughter who still wears their school uniform to college but ties his shirt in a knot like Brittany and sometimes wears hot pants. We try to understand as his extremely overweight sorry "disabled" wife has imform us they are both autistic and weve pretty much made the assumption so is the father because he comes out with a lot of radom comments and just doesn't have much awareness of others and thinks social rules don't apply to him.

To be fair his wife is lovely just a bit rude at times when she lets herself in the house for a tin opener without asking and then calls me out for getting her name wrong. But she does usually apologise for her husband and tells him off.

He usually has 7 Aldi's, a Porsche and DeLorean all on are, sorry his drive so no one can get out. He has a big patch of grass on his front but can't park on it because its grass apparently so has to park outside are kitchen window so he can watch us eating. he's always ripping his cars apart and leaving rubbish all over our drive we burst our tyres on screws, he always leaves his bins on front of are drive to so we can't get out either.

He denys he is as he's a banker but its pretty obvious he's sells his Aldis and car parks to others off the books. We've had people get the wrong house at three in the morning asking to get their tires replaced.

But now he's really pissed me off with this coronavirus and self isolation. I understand his wife has to take and pick up their son from special education school now his taxi has stopped so she needs to go out more often but the dads been leaving the house more than 4 times and having people over at his house constantly and then orders online shopping so he's clearly not leaving his house to do essential shopping.
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Today he actually had a party with around 6 or more people. Were meant to be self isolating and the police are fining people who are not. I have to stay inside because idiots like him think their above the law. Honestly hope gets it does to teach himself a lesson. The government has gave out a number for people to snitch to the police on their neighbours for breaking the rules. Im not usually a snitch and it be so obvious it was my family who snitched but i just think he's so selfish
Should I report my selfish neighbour?
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