What is your most controversial belief?

This might turn into a shit storm, like last time I asked something similar. But whatever 😂

I'm wondering what you people believe or what kind of things you do, that society deems unacceptable or on the edge.

I know some of you know what I have talked about on here before. So we can leave that to the other people's imagination for now.

Also. Do you struggle with dating or friendships because of these things?
What is your most controversial belief?
Yes. I have very controversial beliefs
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I am sure some of my beliefs are seen as controversial
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I don't care or haven't thought of it
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I doubt I have any controversial views
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I definitely have no controversial views
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3 mo
Not wanting to change your country's demographics doesn't equal hating other races or ethnicities. I know that might come as a shock to some people. Thanks for giving a lot of interesting answers. I can see people have discussed a lot of topics.
What is your most controversial belief?
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