Why didn’t Hitler attack Switzerland?

For the record this question is about a military strategy. Not about the atrocities Hitler caused during World War II and the thousands of lives lost what he did was horrific I’m trying to look at this at A strategic military standpoint only has nothing to do with politics yes I am very political that’s why I’m saying this because it has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with the military strategy.

OK now that you guys understand that I’m not defending Hitler, in my opinion Hitler would have been smart to have attacked Switzerland because so many countries and businesses have accountants in Swiss banks to me it would seem to be a wise move to cripple the rest of the worlds economy in order to win a war.

once again not defending Hitler just military strategical thoughts here but I’ve always wondered why Hitler did not take over Switzerland because they were neutral during World War II which means they were vulnerable
Why didn’t Hitler attack Switzerland?
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