TRIGGER WARNING: What do you think of abortion?

I am not here to point any fingers, as my aunty told me my parents wanted abort me and they decided not to which I am alive today because of that decision of theirs.

The way I personally see it is, I wouldn't abort a child of mine, but I recognize that other people have their own rights, and I shouldn't not be infringing on their rights to make that choice. My parents were both in University, when I was a baby I suffered a lot with a disease because my parents couldn't afford good medical care, my mom told me I was so sick my dad cried and she had never seen him crying, fortunately they made some sacrifices and got me the medical care I needed. When people are in a situation to bring a child to the world and that child might suffer in world, or they're not mentally ready to have kids. Yes there's adoption but not all children get adopted, so they're getting into a broken foster system which might also leave them damaged. The other is for young teens, by having that baby it can simultaneously destroy two lives hers and the babies. I am definitely pro choice.

However I would like to open up a discussion about it why are there people out there who are against it. I would like to hear from everyone with no judgement, from me or anyone else that answers the post, please be respectful of people's views, you can comment and ask questions but don't judge and insult.

It's the woman's right to choose
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The other thing is, for women who actually do abortions, stop looking at them like they're the devil, if you talk to them and ask them, making that decision is the hardest thing to do for most women, it's painful, it damages the emotionally a little bit.
TRIGGER WARNING: What do you think of abortion?
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