Why do men get so offended by the term “toxic masculinity”?

I’m not trying to start an argument in the comments or anything, so please everyone be civil. I’m asking this question because I genuinely want to learn how this term has come to offend so many people.

So, whenever I hear the term “toxic masculinity”, I see it as meaning an expectation for men to not be allowed to express any emotion and to be strong no matter what. But it seems like a lot of men get offended when this term is used and I’m starting to think that some men hear it as “men are terrible”. Am I right in thinking that this is what some of you guys think of when you hear this term?
I feel like if that’s true, that’d make a lot of sense bc it’s only natural you’d get offended if someone said something like “men are terrible”.
I personally think toxic masculinity (as I hear it, meaning men have to suppress their emotions) is bad, but that doesn’t mean I think masculinity full-stop is bad. I think that masculinity if it’s defined as men being just as free to express their emotions as women and not being called weak when they cry or something is so important.

To sum it up, I’m just a little confused and I’m thinking that the definition of the term varies between person to person causing miscommunication and people getting mad at each other. I want to know what your definition of “toxic masculinity” is and if you don’t like the term 1) what don’t you like about it 2) is there another term you’d prefer people to use instead and 3) Is it just (for some of you) that you genuinely don’t think men should be able to express their emotions openly.

(Shit, I’m scared these comments are going to turn into WWIII but here goes)
Why do men get so offended by the term “toxic masculinity”?
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