Questions about "stimulas" check?

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Okay... I need to know if I just sit and wait?

I have never filled my own taxes. My ex husband claims the kids every year bc he pays child support. Well I've only ever had jobs around the children's schedule and its always been cash jobs as a caregiver for the elderly or the toddlers with medical problems. I never made enough to file taxes. Nobody ever held out taxes. I didn't make more than $100 - $125 in a week. Do I need to file anyways? The bank has all the checks on file so that's no problem.
The PROBLEM I'm having is that my ex husband who does not see the kids but 4 days out of 30 is getting the $500 per child. I just lost my job and I don't revive food assistance so I need that money. Do you understand how much food boys can devour? Its crazy!!
The ex said I'm not getting even half. This mf got his new lady wife #4 hooked on dope so that's what they will waste the $1000 on and leave me struggling to feed two kids and keep a roof over their heads. He can't provide those things for the kids. They have to sleep on a couch when they visit him. He isn't even looked at as a day he is more like the babysitter. What do I need to do? Who do I call? Please someone who knows something help me out.
Questions about "stimulas" check?
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