Is South Africa a second or a Third world country?

1. They started the Nandos franchise.

2. They have Franchise markets Spread throughout the continent

3. They recently implement that coding and robotics be introduced in the education system as early as kindergarten level to Matric levels

4. They got 3 World class cities (Joburg and Cape Town and Durban )

5. Quality Radio and TV stations

6. Theyave rally driving events
Paint ball tournaments

7. Gaming ps4 and Xbox tournaments
World class Surfing events example Redbull surf event took place there
8. world cup in 2010
Rappers like AKA
Table mountain hailed a world heritage site
9. They have EFC THE BIGGEST mma league in the southern hemisphere (Google it)
10. Their criminal :Oscar pestorious
Developing countries
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Third world
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Second world
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Third world... They're Trying hard that's all I can say
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Is South Africa a second or a Third world country?
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