Can the coronavirus be overhyped?

so I've been mostly reading my news, and what people on GaG have been saying about it. And up until just now, I've thought all the naysayers and people who say its a conspiracy theory are nutcases. But I just watched some of the biggest media outlets talk about the virus. And I can totally see why some people don't believe it. It seems like these big outlets are just fear mongering. Which is why I don't watch that shit in the first place, but it just raises some questions. Like who can we actually believe with all this misinformation on the most popular news outlets?

I still don't think its overhyped, but I can see where people are coming from when they don't trust the media. Of course I actually watch experts talk about it, and doctors. Not that bullshit on TV that's coming out with breaking news, and round the clock coverage
Can the coronavirus be overhyped?
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