Abortion clinics for men?

I'm wondering if there could ever in the future be abortion clinics for men who want to opt out of fatherhood. One of the main complaints from men's rights activists is that women have the ability to opt out of motherhood while men do not have the corresponding ability to opt out of fatherhood (if the woman wants an abortion, he is powerless to stop her, while if she does choose to give birth, he is liable for child support even though he doesn't have any legal rights to the child).

Anyway, my point is not to debate the issue of the men's rights movement. I'm just wondering if there could ever be something like abortion clinics for men.

This idea came to mind when a friend of mine got his girlfriend pregnant and I thought to myself "if I ever got a girl pregnant I'd probably kill myself." Then I had my eureka moment. Abortion clinics for men! Technically, it's assisted suicide, but it's similar to abortion since the unplanned pregnancy is the motive for the assisted suicide.

It could be called "Planned Fatherhood." Any thoughts?
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I'm wondering how many people actually read this post from beginning to end. From the responses, it looks like most people just skimmed the headline and the first few lines of text, then gave an automatic reaction.

Anyway, the point of the post was that I was wondering whether there could ever be assisted suicide clinics for men who couldn't handle being a parent and couldn't afford child support. It's only similar to abortion in that the unplanned pregnancy is the motive for the suicide.
Abortion clinics for men?
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