Should a father have to share custody of a child with an ex's boyfriend/fiance?

So here is the situation. A man in Texas has a daughter which he shared 50/50 custody with the child's mother. (Ann is name of child, the fathers name is Chris)

Ann’s parents were separated and agreed to approximately 50/50 custody of Ann in October of 2016. Ann lived approximately half of the time with her mother and half of the time with her father.

In September of 2017, Ann’s mother began living with her boyfriend. Because Ann lived half of the time with her mother, that meant that Ann also lived with her mother’s boyfriend during those times.

In July of 2018, Ann’s mother died in a tragic car accident. She had become engaged to her boyfriend a few months before her death. Very soon after her death, the maternal grandparents of Ann filed suit, seeking joint custody of her. Ann’s grandparents had always been involved in her life, and Ann’s father, Chris, has always fostered a relationship between them and his daughter.

Under Texas law, the maternal grandparents were required to prove that leaving Chris as the sole custodian of Ann would “significantly impair” Ann’s physical or emotional health.

This is because Texas law, as required by U. S. Supreme Court constitutional case law, presumes that any parent is a fit parent. That presumption must be overcome before a third party is allowed to simply take custody of a child from that parent.

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals ruled that, because Chris was an entirely fit parent who raised his daughter well, the grandparents were not allowed to intervene and take custody from him. Seems logical.

Even after this legal battle, Chris continued to allow his in-laws to spend time with Ann.

This is where the story becomes particularly strange.

Shortly after the grandparents filed for custody of Ann, the fiance of Ann’s mother also filed for custody of her.

The case is now before the supreme court.. I personally believe that if the Fiance is not blood related he should have no rights to the child what so ever.
Father should have sole custody.
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Unrelated boyfriend who had no hand in raising her should have rights to the child.
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The fiance is not related to Ann in any way and had only spent a cumulative 5-6 months with her up to this point. Even during the time Ann lived in the same house with the man, Ann’s mother was the actual caregiver. The fiance never had any special care-giving relationship with Ann beyond his short time of them living together and him assisting in the normal ways you would expect an adult to assist.
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Update on this... The supreme court just ruled in favor of the father..
Should a father have to share custody of a child with an ex's boyfriend/fiance?
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