My cat is an asshole?

My wife and I just took our cat (an injured stray that we stole -- refuse to use "rescue" as though that's supposed to be something special -- from the street) to the vet today. She needed some vaccines.

Then just now -- 4AM -- she took her food bowl and just swiped the shit out of it until it got cat food all over the floor. Somehow she managed to get it all across from one side of the room to the other with a violent swipe of some sort of Cat protest revolution shit.

I picked and cleaned all the shit up because my wife was sleeping and was like, "Aww, poor baby. Did you do a boo-boo?" So I refilled her bowl with her favorite -- Shiva cat food -- and she swiped the shit out of it again until I had to clean it all up once more.

I'm living with a complete asshole! And I can't help but love her anyway. It's like Stockholm Syndrome. What do you guys do in this spot?
2 mo
Seriously, my cat is a proper asshole in response to the vaccines today where we held her down. I'm sure of it now. After I cleaned the second food bowl, she got up and knocked a drink all over the floor. I'm cleaning all this shit. What a fucking asshole cat. But she's too retarded to get my disappointment. I can't communicate this shit! Fucking retarded cat. I'm kissing the fuck out of her. She hates it. Kiss-kiss-kiss her cheek. She's getting irritated.
2 mo
I kiss the fuck out of your face you fucking asshole cat. Meow-meow. Fucking kiss the fuck out of you. Turning face. I'ma rape-kiss the fuck out your fucking asshole face you fucking cat!
My cat is an asshole?
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