Do black people really care if you say the N word?

Ok so y’all may be thinking like obviously we care but hear me out real quick... so a little bit of background on me I’m Hispanic raised in what some may call the “hood” grew up around a lot of black folks, cholos and those white dudes that swear they black lol so I pretty much grew up hearing the N word and it became a word I used in every sentence and as I got older I started learning about where that word originated from and I was like damn do people get offended when I say it? So anywaysss I was in an Uber earlier today and as I was having a conversation with the Uber driver who happen to be black and the word slipped out, I kinda froze up like when you talking to your mom and you accidentally cuss and I got scared lol cause I usually avoid sayin it in front of people I don’t know cause I don’t know how they gon react people can get real mad sometimes and I’m tryna go home but yea I immediately apologize and I’m like “sorry it usually just slips out” and I kinda laugh it off. He just looked at me and said “as long as your not tryna hurt me when you say it I’ve got no problem with it” and he just laughs. Do most people think this way? Or no... also I’m not tryna offend anyone by asking this I’m just genuinely curious
Do black people really care if you say the N word?
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