Are you really for equal rights?


Ensure a man is able to opt out of parenting just like women can?
Force women to sign-up for the draft? And forced into combat?
Enforce equal punishment for crimes? and all types of crimes? and guaranteed enforcement for both genders?
Ensure child custody is forced at 50/50 shared custody?
Ensure child support costs be monitored and split between both parents equally?
Alimony eliminated or at least temporary terms?
No more free drinks for women or ladies night?
For domestic abuse, ensure the both men and women receive equal protection under the law, and provide support programs for both genders?
Ensure the rights of men to have genital integrity (circumcision)?
Ensure the rights of men to claim coerced sex rape?
Ensure that men have the right to be assumed caregivers of children?
Ensure equal distribution of business grants to both genders?
Ensure equal standards for all jobs, testing, education?
Ensure sexual discrimination laws are applied to both genders?
Ensure that problems for both genders receive government support?
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A woman can opt out of parenting two ways, abortion, and legal abandonment. She cuts all ties financially and in responsibilities. They passed these laws years ago when women started leaving their babies in dumpsters. Men do not have any options to opt out of parenting.
2 mo
not one women can honestly agree on anything here?

some of these things don't even apply to women.
Are you really for equal rights?
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