Guns in the future?

I don't think anyone is probabilistically talking about this (on this sub/site) but in a future where people would be able to print guns (and not the friendly kind in general regard) everyone would like to have a gun. This is the future, if a technology exists or is starting to exist for masses you cannot really stop it after a certain point, I think we are beyond that point. From my perception deterrence seems like a rational strategy, similar to how we deter nukes.

I am trying to figure out what it would cost to build a drone with enough flight endurance and payload capacity to be equipped with a gun and a targetting system in a 6 to 8 year timescale. I would be surprised if it costs more than 3000 dollar with enough scale, it really seems like the weapon of choice for future terrorists or intentionally lethally violent criminals. Any opinions regarding the topic is appreciated... Don't judge, quarantine has me bored.
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I just want to clarify, the argument isn't really about a small group of people interested in building things that are harmful. It is about the development and/of technology that takes the human out of it ie autonomy to some extent so a human can't be traced for accountability or repercussions. If you aim a gun at someone you do have to care for what happens next with your life to and it's repercussions, in world of cheap autonomous and easily buildable drone this is or/and will not be the case.
Guns in the future?
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