Do you think the major restrictions due to Covid-19 are justified?

This in an upopular opinion guys! Warning!
BUT I honestly think it's not justified to destroy the whole worlds economy, globalisation progress, make people loose their jobs and their livelyhoods (their whole life basically!) just to protect the minority of people who are actually at risk of dying from the desease.
Most people recover from the virus. Statistics say in most countries that 70 - 80 percent the victims are around 80 or older. The mortality rate is still low. The flu is also a diseas which kills mostly older people and no one has made un uproar.
And I am not saying they deserve it or they should die. But looking at it from a rational point of view. Most of them already had existing health issues that would have cost them their lives. The virus just made them weaker. I do take the virus seriously, but for most people they will recover research has shown.
I just think having to go through world changing events and destroying businesses that fund whole industries and destroying familys livelyhoods is much worse. We will be living in recession for a long time after.
It would be a better comprimise to keep the older people safe and isolated untill there is a cure.
I know it's selective but different risk groups should require different solutions.

I get the emotional viewpoint as well of course. But logically and rationally I just think it isn't justyfied.
Do you think the major restrictions due to Covid-19 are justified?
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