Is bad to absolutely hate Trump Supporters?

Okay I know that the trump supporters on this site are about to call me a soyboy, beta, libtard cuck, but I just have to say this. I hate trump supporters. I think they are all awful people. I mean they always go out of their way to piss of people but then get surprised when people react to the fact that their a complete total worthless subhuman piece of shit. Now I don’t support any sort of violence against trump supporters and I don’t agree with people verbally assaulting them or taking away their maga hats. But it’s just that they are such awful people. They always bully people online and when someone calls them out on their ways online they personally attack them. Today a trump supporter called me an ugly fat fuck several times for commenting that I felt that liberals don’t attack Melanie the way trump supporters attack Michelle Obama. They silence anyone who disagrees with them and will call them a whiny snowflake. I mean those people are cockroaches. All they do is go out of their way to offend people. They are rude and immature people and I hate them all so much. The worst part is I know trump will win in 2020 so I have another 4 years of dealing with those rodents.
Is bad to absolutely hate Trump Supporters?
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