Your take on MAPs (Minor Attracted People)?

While I condemn pedophilia and anything of the sort, I can understand how technically "minor attracted people" can exist only when it comes to 16-17 year olds who for all intents and purposes could appear to be 18+ and/or easily lie about their age. It's also a common enough occurence that a 17 year old could be dating a 16 year old (or simply someone a few months younger than them) and everything would be fine, but then suddenly one year later it would be considered rape because the 18 year old is an adult, which I find pretty ridiculous. Would the the now 18 year old then be considered a MAP? Or were they technically one even before they turned 18 as they were still attracted to minors then?

I'm of the opinion that minor attraction shouldn't be a big deal if the individuals in question are within the same school age of each other (highschool/highschool, middle/middle) give or take 1 year (8thG/9thG, 12thG/1stCollege). Minor attraction as a whole should NOT be "celebrated" or deemed OK/AVERAGE behavior however like these people want because that is a slippery fucking slope. Regardless of who you're attracted to it ultimately comes down to the law being the law, that the minor/adult distinction needs to be drawn somewhere, and that it should be respected/followed regardless of how people feel. Yall's thoughts?

Video that sparked the question:P. S. I just learned that apparently there are different levels to MAPs and the term isn't new, just trying to become justified on social media.

"MAP is an umbrella or all-encompassing term used to signify or delineate specific age's of attractions.
--A pedophile is an individual attracted to a pre-pubescent child;
--A hebephile is an individual attracted to a pubescent child (11-14) and;
--An ephebophile is an individual attracted to a post-pubescent child (i. e., a teen, 15-19)."
Your take on MAPs (Minor Attracted People)?
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