Who are the forgotten pepole?

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Patients in Nursing Homes
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2 mo
The polls are closed and the three girls & seven gnuys that voted were both right. One person wrote
the only difference was the people in the nursing home aes hidden from view, which is very true. I've been homeless & now i'm in a Nursing home confined to a bed. The Nursing Home ta a little better bur it is a tale rhat needs to be written &will be soon.
2 mo
As I Said this is Part two of the forgotten people, I was homeless for over a year. Now I'm in a Nursing Home, or as the Owners preferred to have referred to as a Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Facility. Both are equal on treatment and food. As soon as I figure out where I will explain why they are equal on the forgotten people vote.
Who are the forgotten pepole?
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