Government allowing tenants to not pay rent. (Agree/Disagree)?

I don’t understand why this country always rewards the poor, and always disadvantages the people who worked harder, smarter, and make more money.

I haven’t gotten shit from the government, and two of my tenants suddenly told me that they can’t pay for months after seeing the news. I’m sure more will tell me the same thing soon.

Don’t they realize that landlords have taxes, mortgages, property management, and HOA to pay? If tenants don’t pay, then that can hurt our credit. It messes with other assets, and it takes food out of other families mouths. I can’t even evict them? I can’t even make a suggestion that they pay rent with their stimulus check or I get sued? You fucking kidding me?

Why is that we’ve created normalcy to taking from people who worked hard in creating money and giving it to people who don’t? Why is that people with money owe it to them?

I’ve worked hard to own the properties that I do and did what most people aren’t willing to do just to get in this position. If you’re on the verge of being homeless right now because of this crisis, then that’s your fault for being inadequately prepared. You should have emergency money ready to go. That’s not my fault so why do I owe anyone for their financial mistakes? If it’s not your fault in the rare possible circumstance, then it’s still not my obligation.

I’m ranting, and still have to talk to my attorney, but I think this raises a good discussion. It’s like the more and more wealth you create, the more the democrats want to demonize you and take more of your money.
Government allowing tenants to not pay rent. (Agree/Disagree)?
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