Where is my security and freedom Mr. America?

Take the viewpoint of a black person , can you help me figure out what to do to establish a sense of security and belonging for black americans in light of the most recent Ahmaud Arbery killing/murder.
Where is my security and freedom Mr. America?

Take a black persons view... is this country safe for you to walk around... or do you live in fear... and how can that be fixed? Disregard the statistical reality of black/black crime in major cities and black on white crime... irrelevant.
* Ahmaud was running, chased down, confronted and killed by a deranged human life form filled with evil.. you know his coloring. Government weren't even prosecuting the shooter until video came out 2 months later.
* Trevon was innocently walking home, confronted, murdered... killer (puerto rican) got away with it... he wasn't black.
* Freddie Gray - killed while under police control, white police. No convictions.
* ... the list goes on and on as you know...

How does society develop a sense of security for black people being around non blacks? It takes 1 idiot to re-create the sense of fear after months or years of good will built by the majority. Were dealing with hundreds of years of wrongdoings (of black and white on blacks... but the wound is associated to white abuse). Emotions don't change easily, not after repeated trauma over long time. How should society handle this to create a sense of well being?

Failure to address the issue means you participate in another generation of mutual human suffering.

This issue may apply to other cultures... Yemen, Pakistani, Palestinian, Gypsies. There are many who may feel oppressed peoples.
Where is my security and freedom Mr. America?
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