How can you blame something on someone when it did not exist?

McConnell puts blame for 2020 coronavirus failure on Barack Obama, in office 2009-2017

We literally left them a 69-page Pandemic Playbook... that they ignored,” tweeted Ron Klain, who oversaw the Ebola response under Obama and now advises presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “And an office called the Pandemic Preparedness Office... that they abolished. And a global monitoring system called PREDICT.. that they cut by 75%.”
In a dialogue with Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, live-streamed by the Trump campaign on Monday evening, McConnell said that Obama’s team, which exited office over three years ago,“did not leave to this administration any kind of game plan for something like [the coronavirus pandemic].” -Mitch McConnell forgets Obama gave Trump a coronavirus playbook; Dems remind him

For months, the GOP has pushed the narrative that the previous president left the country vulnerable to the perils of a major disaster, such as the current coronavirus pandemic. Led in media battle by Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader McConnell further articulated “fake news” to his constituency, desperately promoting political propaganda that props up the current president. - When did McConnell say he wanted to make Obama a ‘one-term president’?

Clearly, a theme has emerged among Democrats: Republicans were so determined to thwart President Obama’s agenda that the Senate Minority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, even announced from day one that he was determined to make Obama a one-term president.
How can you blame something on someone when it did not exist?
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