Should I even vote again, come this November?

Should I even vote again, come this November? I ask this, because I've been thinking about how many times, I vote and it usually isn't for the right person to be in charge and it backfires,
I be stuck up in the house held back another year, trying to continue online schooling; I'm always back and forth to the Library printing out IRS forms; which is this tedious process, then there is a matter of me trying to find a job to help bring in income and no matter what I try to apply for, there are always looking for someone else to feel the position, I feel like voting and

contributing to what really matters in the community such as Education, Family, Healthcare,
Religion and Employment, it has done nothing, absolutely nothing for me, in the last fourteen
years. Made the mistake of letting Trump in office and nearly have a whole year in "Stay-at-Home," order and "Social-Distancing," I don't care much for social distancing, so that one is kind of okay, but waiting too long for things to change can be a sign for some people to purge. I have to wonder, I already don't like my life, being unemployed, dealing with this sucking voting,
I guess online education is an escape for me, but it's a long punishment for doing what this

Country tells you to do, I feel I'm one of the ones suffering in a "Middle-Class-Problem." What do you think?
Should I even vote again, come this November?
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