Reasons why I'm not voting this November in 2020?

Reasons why I'm not voting again for for a fifth time this year, It is the reasons probably only logical to me: the Democratic Party have been a disappointment thus far, none of the Candidates you would have cast a Ballot on, are anyone you can barely trust. Republican Party isn't much better either, you'd think switching back and forth between Democrat and Republican would help shape the decisions made, it doesn't, it only reconfirms that state of affairs we are in right now. The Current pandemic is mostly the reason, even before Trump became President, it was creeping up, you've had viruses before and only one I can remember is the Swine flu, where I live in North America, Midwest part rather and Chicago, I'm sorry for those who had it, I didn't have it where I live and it didn't keep you in the house for months.

Now, the Coronavirus (CoVid19) is more a threat than the Swine flu, you get it from touching surfaces and touching your face, coughing, sneezing or spitting in the air. In Theory, this could have been managed, if one of the other Countries had inform the U. S. about it early on, China
Is usually to blame, because America owes money to them and for President Trump to start a
War with them and still owe money that's like fighting with business associates you were supposed to pay back and expect them to look the other way, it's not going to happen. Obama wasn't a perfect President, but he was a decent one, when he was President, you didn't have a
Year long virus we didn't know about that the Pandemic from it is trying to last a year.
I made my mistake of voting twice, once last year, some personal stuff happened there, then
this year, and here we are in this Pandemic. It isn't that no one could find a vaccine for this, it's
that it's expensive and it can only be distributed in manageable ways to families, missed birthday celebrations, drive-by graduations, Stay-At-Home Order and "Social-Distancing," my reasons for me not, right?
Reasons why I'm not voting this November in 2020?
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