Opening schools during COVID-19: Should the teacher's health be considered?

Opening schools during COVID-19: Should the teachers health be considered?
I have a 7 year old and a 9 year old. I feel like schools closing has really hurt my children in terms of their education, and our state is thinking of not opening next year and continuing with distance learning OR doing some blended thing where they go to school some days and not others to stagger the amount of kids there.

I do not like this idea. I feel that is not good enough, and my children's education is important to me. Kids also do not get sick nearly as much as adults. My kids have computers but many don't, and some kids need schools for structure and discipline and socializing and even food.

However, my friend, who teaches 8th grade, said it's mostly for the adults in the building, not the kids because so many kids are filthy and the parents don't know it. She said it's not that they don't bathe, but they get into a lot of things and horseplay and can't keep their hands to themselves. She also said that kids being older doesn't mean anything, and that you can't social distance in a classroom, and it's unreasonable to expect any child to sit in the same desk for 7 hours a day. She said a lot of teachers and other staff members are older, and they are at risk for getting sick and bringing home things to their families.

I told her that doesn't matter. They are teachers, and their job is to educate, which they are not doing during this so called 'distance learning' even though they're still being paid. They aren't teaching, but get full salary. That's crap. I think their pay should be cut until school resumes full time, and I also think that teachers are not special. Nurses and doctors are still working, so teachers should still be working, and nurses and doctors save lives. If they don't like it, then they can stay home or pick another career.
Opening schools during COVID-19: Should the teacher's health be considered?
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