Why does the gender wage gap exist?

There is no question that women earn less, on average, than men do. Government statistics prove that to be true. Note that this does NOT mean women earn less for the same work. It is merely a measure of the average earnings of all men compared to the average earnings of all women overall.

But the question is, why? Whenever I see any debate about why feminism still exists in the western world, the only legitimate gripe feminists seem to have is the gender wage gap, and their argument is that it exists because of sexism and the so called patriarchy. But is that really true?

There are plenty of studies that have shown the wage gap disappears when we control for factors like women choosing less demanding or lucrative careers, working fewer hours than men, prioritizing other things like work environment and schedule higher than pay, taking more time off for family, etc. In other words, it is women's own choices that lead them to earn less money, on average, than men. They could choose to earn as much as men, but they typically don't because their priorities are different than men's.

It is also a fact that the vast majority of dirty, unpleasant, risky and dangerous jobs in society are filled by men, and those jobs obviously pay more because they have to in order to fill those jobs when others are more pleasant and less dangerous. That also explains why about 95% of workplace deaths are men, not women.

So, why do you think the wage gap still exist?
The wage gap is due to sexism against women
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The wage gap is due to women's own choices
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Why does the gender wage gap exist?
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