Do you think men should be forced to be fathers?

In countries where women have easy access to safe and affordable abortions, men should be able to opt out entirely.

Either before the birth or shortly after (similar length as safe haven laws maybe), men should be able to file a legal document forfeiting all rights and responsibilities to the child and mother. Perhaps something similar to a putative father's registry. There should not be an option to reverse this. There should also be legal protections for both parties against harassment from the other.

There should also be a safeguard for men who don't find out they are fathers until later. I understand that this would be complicated and that some people would likely get screwed because of it. Some people get screwed now too. I understand that abortion access is difficult or impossible in many areas. I'm a woman and I have been in that exact situation. Legal, financial, and personal obstacles can make an abortion impossible. That should change.

Women should be able to safely and affordably end a pregnancy. Likewise, men should be able to end fatherhood in an accessible and affordable manner. This may be a perfect world scenario and we may never get there. I just think it would be damn nice if we could
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oh before i forget

the arugment of he had sex so he should pay does not work as so did the women so if u want to use sex is consent to parenthood you have to apply that to the women too so no abortons
Do you think men should be forced to be fathers?
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