Is it normal to this socially anxious?

talking to people at all makes me feel so fucking awkward, i avoid it like the plague... sometimes i rather die than talk to someone,
and this caused me a lot of problems.. for example... while first off i can't get a job cos i have to go to interviews or call someone over the phone... i would rather die than talk to someone...
and then there's little things where i get these weird letters from council n company n i dont understand the letter or what the charge is for... but then i am too scared to call them and ask about the unnecassary bills so i instead jus let them steal my money...
1 mo
and i can't even get many man with van to deliver something to me cos it only provides phone number to contact them and no email address... -_-
1 mo
and i remember even being too scared to ask my mum about questions about moving out.. stuff i didn't understand about living alone.. like how to sort out gas bills and internet n stuff.. so i jus lived without internet for like a month until i found out how to get it
Is it normal to this socially anxious?
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