What do you think about this article about how being healthy is bad for the economy in this current health crisis?

I found this interesting article aware of the situation of the crisis we are all living with this virus. The artcile goes like this:

"Now that we are more conscious each time of our physical and economical , health, it is more refreshing to find disruptives phrases that made us medidate and think.

In We Dravidians on Facebook, the CEO of the Euro Exim Bank Ltd, Sanjay Thakrar, made public politics planners when he assure:

"Cycling is bad for the economy. A biker is a disaster for a country´s economy, because the person do not buy a car and do not get a loan for it. A bike do not buy a car insurance, do not buy gasoline, do not send the car to a repair shop, do not use paid parking lots. A biker do not become obese. And damn it is..

Healthy people are not necessary good for the economy. They do not buy medicines, they do not attend hospitals and doctors. They do not add anything to the Gross internal revenue of the country, on the contrary, each new McDonalds restaurant at least create 30 jobs, 10 cardiologists, 10 dentists, 10 nutritionists in how to loose weight, apart from the person who works in McDonalds directly. That is why maybe being healthy is a bad for the economy even if it attempts your own life, also applies to smokers.

That is way working from home in some cases do not help the economy either. As working from home, you dont use the car, or you dont buy a car you dont buy gasoline, or you dont use and help the public transportation business either cause you are not getting out. For some people working from home helps and many countries with this pandemic are now adapating that style of working, not being present physically at the work site cause from home you can work easily. Even saving could be a bad habit, cause by being a saver or a thrifty person you buy less stuff and you are not helping the economy if you do not buy things because you want to save money. This is why Consumism is a winner.
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So choose wisely A biker or McDonald? Worth the time to think about it.
P. S. Walking is even worse, they do not even shop for a bike.

The reason possibly why pharmaceuticals companies and hospitals need sick people to survive so a countrys economy can survive as well, even if it sounds sad and cruel that by being sick they work and economy function. Also another reason why gyms exists too. They need clients with bad habits so they can survive, not necessarily because a client is healthy and
What do you think about this article about how being healthy is bad for the economy in this current health crisis?
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