Do the LGBT community really need this much attention from the straight community?

I am not really against gay marriages as I have gay friends and if a gay couple decide to gets married it is their life and they decide what to do or not to do. it is something that only has to concern their own community, I agree on this part but what I disagree on and I found unnecessary from the LGBT community is the crave for attention from the straight community for "their so called private life". If the straight community do not suppose to care what they do, cause it is their life why straight community has to listen when they are crave for attention.

Im talking here in this issue. In my country until this today gay marriage is legal (civil way not in a religious way though just civil) and now many gays acquaitances are filling and filling the social network, with endless messages about "finally is done" and today is history in our country for that, and then most gays are changing their accounts logo with a logo of the LBGT community rainbow flag in celebration for todays history and post comments and comments about it. Like saying " look at me look at me"

Is that necessary, this endless crave for attention? I bet the whole day or the following weeks they will keep adding and adding things on social network about it. If their life is supposed to be their life, why they need this attention and acting like freaks? If the straight community suppose not to care or get involved about their personal life as it is their life, straight community does not need to pay them any kind of attention then.¿ by celebrating what the country already knew it was going to happen some months ago. Some gays Im sure were alreayd living together way before this new law passed and noone was messing with them,.

Like I said I have gay friends soem even are still closeted but I know they are and I dont mess in their community or even hang out with them cause they have their own circle and it is not my
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business what they do in their own life or community but what I kind of disagree is the crave for attention they like and enjoy doing it to their so called private life. and sometimes they behave like freaks. That is what I think it is unnecessary the endless crave for attention. the same applies for gay parades that I see totally unnecessary this crave for so much attention. Simple as "if you want to keep your life personal and private so noone can mess it, then stop asking for attention and
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craving for one" and this goes also to the straight community and to each their own.. If they want to ask for the same straight rights, stop behaving like you are an exclusive community.
Do the LGBT community really need this much attention from the straight community?
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