How educated are you to handle the police?

I'm on the subject of "race" issues right now, and found these videos. Both of these are around the theme of police investigating suspicious persons. Black people may/likely be hassled by police more often than white, I have no stats on that. It may be that someone is suspicious if they don't fit the profile of the area... I do not know for sure. The question is... do you know how to handle these scenarios and should people be properly trained as citizens to avoid deeper confrontation. It is clear the police push the boundaries of the law if not violate it in the process and will take advantage of your rights.

BlackWhiteIf I understand the law correctly... you do not need to provide an ID to the police if they request it. However, it will escalate the friction if you withhold...
yes, people should be trained on the law and how to handle police
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I just do what they ask and hope for the best
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How educated are you to handle the police?
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