How would you describe my political leanings?

thegirlfromthething u
First off, I don’t care whether you agree or disagree because I’m not looking for a debate. I’m looking for an assessment of my views so you can describe them as liberal, conservative, centrist, authoritarian, libertarian, etc. And these are just some general things off the top of my head but feel free to ask for more detail if it helps you give a more thorough answer.
I support abortion rights, medical and recreational marijuana, lowering the alcohol age to 18, the death penalty, LGBTQ equality, environmental regulations, net neutrality, government assistance issued as loans that must be paid back, greater campaign finance transparency, and naturalization for illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements if they pay a fine and whatever they owe in taxes. I don’t support universal higher education, universal healthcare, or cancel culture except under extreme circumstances.
How would you describe my political leanings?
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