Do you think these riots are going to cause more to die?

Yes, George Floyd's death was unbelievably horrible (I watched the tape) and the policemen should be prosecuted. But Americans seem to have forgotten one thing:

We have a PANDEMIC that requires SOCIAL DISTANCING.

A disease that apparently affects black americans more.

Looting and rioting isn't going to bring George back nor would it cause social change. Education and encouraging cultural change among black americans and white americans cause social change. Raising awareness on social media cause social change. NOT going into destroying businesses. WE NEED businesses to operate so that we can get out of this economic downturn. WE DON'T NEED THIS RIOTING.

Looting and rioting WILL increase COVID cases, possibly overwhelming the healthcare system and causing more people to die.

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Agree or disagree?
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I would think humans are rational and self-interested and that going to a riot in the middle of a pandemic goes against that. So I don't know if these people have some uncontrolled anger issues or if they are paid to riot for political reasons. Anyway, I have significant concerns on what this will do for the pandemic, US economy and the world economy, especially if it continues for a long time.
Do you think these riots are going to cause more to die?
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