All these protest making anyone else not want to be around blacks?

I don't have any hatred and I don't think little of blacks. It's just that these protests are making me not want to be around them. So much violence and destruction will NOT solve racism.

I know I'll be attacked for this but it's just something I need to talk about. I support anti-racism protests and talks. What I'm really tired of is the violence during every black protests. I'm openly talking about this because we need talks. I don't want to feel this way but the media is really getting to me.

by the way if we can't talk about black on white racism then white on black racism can't be worked on. All racism must be acknowledged. Every single time I talk about women being raped or men being killed by racist blacks I'm ignored, called racist or banned. WE NEED THESE TALKS!
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Ok so I wanted to add this. This right here is what scares me deeply. Just now a white man and is wife were attacked They waited outside the white couples home or store shop it seems. This is in New York. CNN, FOX and literally every news station will NOT show this side of the protesters. Hunting white people during the protest and beating them up.

The video is over at Reddit called (Husband and wife beaten with 2x4s while defending store in Rochester, NY.)
All these protest making anyone else not want to be around blacks?
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