What do you think of rioting/looting?

Riots and looting are so frustrating because that’s all most white people want to focus on. It just defeats the point. If you are truly a white ally you would not tell black people how to protest and listen instead. See beyond the fire and looting that will cease in a week, to what has failed to cease over the course of our nation’s history. Too often it is ingrained in white families to maintain harmony by suppressing any expression of emotion at all costs. So when white people see outrage they turn the other way out of intolerance. White people want safety and harmony and respect and order, and it’s disgusting they don’t see the paradox in that. They don’t want justice, they want society to continue to function as it always has because it makes them feel so cushy and safe at home in their precious little bubble of Targets and manicured lawns. This is what makes me angry. Even though they will say they are not racist and support black people.
What do you think of rioting/looting?
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