The Democratic party in the USA?

In fully adopting neoliberalism (unrestrainted, plundering capitalism - fascism), the Democratic party gradually became so corrupt, dishonest, self-serving and greedy that it abandoned its constituents completely and, finally, in 2015 decided that it would nominate whomever it wanted for president, regardless of the voter's wishes.

The person who reflected the party's true nature and the person that it nominated for president of the United States, regardless of the voter's wishes, was so monstrous, so utterly despicable, that they actually lost against Donald Trump.

The party, went completely insane at that point. If it was a person, you would say it went stark raving mad. It wouldn't accept the election of Trump. So it has spent every bit of energy and every moment of the last three years to convince people that Trump is the worst person in the history of the world.

They say he is dangerous and utterly corrupt, a racist and sexist, a pervert and rapist, a Russian collaborator and on and on and on. A few of those things are, no doubt, true but some are pure fabrications. This is the Democratic party projecting it's own putridness onto Trump. In reality, The Democratic party's core values aren't dissimilar to Trump's. In many ways, Trump is to the left of the Democratic party. The only thing that made Obama better than Trump was his supreme salesmanship skills - his ability to con.

Trump is a symbol of the direction this country has gone, thanks in great measure to the Democratic party. And he is by no means the worst possibly president. Things could always get worse and they probably will if citizens don't wake the fuck up and realize that neither party has their interests in mind.

The Democratic party in the USA?
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