What honestly are these protests hoping to accomplish?

Cause someone told me there trying to end racism? So somehow human beings are just gonna stop something they been doing for thousands of years? Why? Because where some how more evolved? Well hate and discrimination is something that everyone has. Where I’m from in Jamaica poor people kill the most and the cops end up killing more poor people even though where all the same race. So even if you did get rid of racism we’ll just find something else to hate about, like your gender or your wealth.

And while where at it lets solve where hunger too. Even on this website people want to kill me because of my views, but yet we think we’re so much better than our ancestor who started slavery.

I think we need to take a good look at ourself and realize that we as humans are flawed and that is Why nothing will change. But I’m sure a month from now everyone will move on to something else and switch there profile picture to something else social justice media told them to care about.

That was definitely more of a rant than a question.
What honestly are these protests hoping to accomplish?
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