Do you know the PLAN is working?

Do you know the PLAN is working?
If you support this uprising and are a part of it YOU are to blame for implementing The NWO !
Nobody else is to blame except those who participate in the fearful idealistic liberal views fed by the media.
It has been in the plans for centuries and NOW you are making it all possible by fast tracking the inevitable to collect and bury. Depopulation is well on it's way and you are volunteering your soul. YOU WILL NOT WIN. This year worked better than they planned.
* First they have you all tracked down by exact location through your phones. The new phones have face and finger print identification. They know who you are are where they can find you along with family friends etc... They know all of your views. Even down to the meals you eat. Because you've been posting that shit on social media for at-least a decade of info you voluntarily gave them.
* They found out your political views by way of supporting SOCIALISTIC surrender. Want proof?
* You voluntarily quarantined yourself by way of fear of a flu. LMAO. In one week of the news breaking the world was locked down for a MONTH+. Like sheep you complied.
* They know what you are against and what you favor.

Do you know why they are quiet? They are waiting until enough scream and demand the laws to gather you all up.

I'm ready to vote. Have fum in a FEMA BOX.
Do you know the PLAN is working?
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