Whats with this blackout Tuesday nonsense?

we all know racism is a big problem in our world and that there's racism everywhere but dont y'all think black lives matter is like a trap, isn't just focusing on black lives instead of all life has some kind of form of racism itself? because everyone knows black lives matter just as much as any other race of life or what not, anyone ever notice how blacks are acting like they are the only ones that are going through racism, every race has racism and it wouldve made more sense if instead of blackout Tuesday there was an all race matter day instead of one race, i personally dont care about racism because i just let it bounce off me but i needed an idea for a question and this works, i might as well speak my mind on it, how do people expect for racism to end if they are adding more fuel into the fire, people will always have their opinions now how you choose to take that judgement is up to you, people gotta stop being so sensitive, y'all can block me if y'all want, im not going anon on this, this taco eating, hot sauce loving, border jumping spic isn't going anon 🙃
Whats with this blackout Tuesday nonsense?
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