Does this statement makes sense about abortion?

I read this post on the internet and it was a comment written by an adult guy he was giving his opinion on abortion. He said this:

"Before approving a law of this kind (Abortion law) . It must exist a law of Death penalty to the rapist, it is incoherent to kill the innocent and not the guilty person. Furthermore, not only women and little girls are raped, young boys, teenage boys are solo raped and what about the rapist? Approving this kind of law, is more a victory to the rapist, because that way the problem is solved and his evil act goes on with no greater importance. Death Penalty to the rapist, whether is a politician, church pastor, or a priest, family man, a friend, my brother or the neighbor. First the punishment to the guilty person before sacrifying the innocent person"

Your thoughts?
Does this statement makes sense about abortion?
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