What if the super rich were taxed more but only if they're hoarding money?

So I was thinking about the economy the other day and as someone who doesn't like the idea of taxing someone more because they make more money to be taken too far I came to an interesting realization:

When someone spends money; maybe at a store or for labor, the path that the cash follows will almost certainly end up into the pockets of a very very rich billionaire. So where does it go from there? Well, if the billionaire spends his money then back into the economy and trickle down economics works but if the guy just wants to save up cash because it's a game to him at this point... Well, how many people like that can the economy have until we only have super rich, super poor and no middle class?

So what if instead of taxing anyone who makes over $500,000 a year a lot (and let's face it, that's not really that rich) and instead after you make a certain amount regularly you get taxed on a sliding scale which taxes less if you're actually spending cash. And it could be on just about anything, just as long as it's creating jobs or something. I don't care if you donate it, watch a bunch of movies, or even vacation within the country with it.

And if this condition is not met a slightly larger amount (or maybe just the difference) is taken by the government and put into programs voted on by the public intermittently, let's say every 3 years for stuff like family disaster relief, veterans, small businesses which maybe need low interest loans. Fuck it, build a shelter for homeless people that gives them a place to shower and help finding a job.

Good compromise where no one has to feel totally screwed.
What if the super rich were taxed more but only if they're hoarding money?
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