Have you lost friends over politics in the recent times?

Especially since the BLM worldwide insanity has begun.

I haven't yet, but few people dare to talk about politics with me IRL. On the other hand, my wife is the nicest woman in the world and lost a few friends over politics, which is odd since we are in a 7 year relationship and it never happened before. I feel for her since almost all of her lifelong friends are Libs.

It's funny because she is 3 months pregnant with our 2nd child and, instead of greeting us, these individuals in particular decided to ask her opinions on political issues that don't even affect Swedish people and tried to embarrass her for supposedly having the "wrong opinions" on that matters.

Problem started when she said she's proud of being Swedish and questioned the "White Privilege" narrative because she knows how I'm judged in this country for my nationality, despite being White as any ethnic Swede. Then they got to speak bad of my country and prove her point... Hilarious.

I'm proud of my woman and no matter how the world is getting crazier nowadays, I can't get angry for too long. Her love comforts me and brings smile on my serious face, and I know my love is all what she needs to feel happy, loved, secure and protected. We have happiness in this house. The world can screw itself.
Have you lost friends over politics in the recent times?
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