What is happening in america. I would like to know?

Don't you feel that there's something weird happening. It's like a game from a high level going there. Don't get me wrong cuz I'm not a fan of trump but he have no hand in all what happened. Let's think together, Elections are on the door and now this happen!. Trump looks crazy but he is not that stupid to make that crisis situation in that critical time. No problem to protest but with that huge amount of looting and riot here and there make it weird. Then what about those cops. It's like that they are taking orders from an unknown source to keep putting gasoline on fire. They are keeping assaulting and harming black people and even white people on purpose like they know what they have to do to keep people in their anger mode. Their is a big hand playing the marionette by all American people. impeachment didn't work,
lockdown and corona didn't work, and so their next plan is to start a race war and alI of it is trump's fault. George floyd maybe was the main scapegoat to start all what happening now and trump is the main pawn to get blamed about everything that happen. Racism is real but they have chosen it among other real tensions. It's like an election campaign but in a very new way where the savior is the new president or else what do you think.
What is happening in america. I would like to know?
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