What are your BLM opinions?

Let me preface this with I am a 17 y/o white male, and I personally don't care what you look like. I for the most part support BLM there's one two problems that I have with it, I disagree when it get violent ( as I believe most people would agree with me) and I disagree with it when the people villianize being white and assume that you hate people of color just because you are white, but I do understand where they come from seeing as we have had generations I'm the past of absolutely putrid racists, And that an understatement, and the majority of my friend group isn't white like I don't care, but I litterally go asked yesterday while I was in Snohomish if I hated black people, all I said was no and that they should not assume I do just because I'm white and walked away, back to my main point which is I disagree with BLM when they make it seem or look like being white is bad, I do agree that there are injustices in our judicial system and I agree that things need to change and we need to strive for equality all across the board, but it is wrong to say that you strive for equality and then make it seem like a "party" is evil, thank you for coming to my ted talk, let's keep this civil I understand that these are heated times but we do not need more aggression and hate in the world so please try to be nice
What are your BLM opinions?
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