Universities and college and indoctrination of political policies?

Honestly I'm in University and it's pretty Liberal. You have designated safe spaces, you can't use certain words, Blacks and other minorities have their own area's to work in from white people. Honestly even the teachers are all anarchists inclined socialist who play their games with retarded students to get their point across. Don't even dare arguing with them because heaven forbid if you had a political view point different from the rest of the indoctrinated faculty you would be labled a racist, bigot and sexist white strait male. Like holy fuck, are there and normal schools that don't practice modern day communism and segregation? I mean really no wonder these kids coming out of school are all fucked up they can't hack a cruel world and look to leftist government to coddle their feelings. What is the next black female who gets a job working with majority white women going to demand a safe space from getting triggered because she's not with other black women? I swear the government should step in and keep schools limited to what they are studying.
Universities and college and indoctrination of political policies?
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