Why do people want to ban private schools?

A genuine question. I may sound ignorant, but I really don't see the reasons for it.

Meritocracy in the UK was most successful in an era where there were hierarchical schools : grammar schools. Labour got rid of the grammar schools, so now people have turned to private schools. Now Labour wants to get rid of private schools... is there any end to this?

I was state educated until I was 15, then because my parents needed to move country for my dad's job, I moved to an all girls boarding school. If I had known the difference, I would have asked to change school well before.

My private school is filled with international students, the ethnicities are all equal in numbers, something incredibly rare. I'm telling you that you will never find a more inclusive, sharing, positive environment. There's probably like 2 individuals who like to show off. Mostly people are humble, appreciative and really love our pro-work environment.

I fit in here like I never fit in public school were I was, not really bullied, but treated unfairly for loving reading and being half Asian.

Having said all that I also acknowledge that I'm very bias having attended a private school myself. No disrespect meant, I'd really like to hear your honest opinions on private schools for research purposes. Please in your response mention what country you are from.
Why do people want to ban private schools?
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