Do you think black lives really matters?

I honestly think this entire thing is about having power over another race. It's difficult to express your opinions in America. This black lives matter thing seems like an organization who wants America to abide by their rules for power and control without having equality on all ends. I am black and I don't become involved with situations that tend to make others angry such as a killing of a black man done by police officer. I absolutely have no feelings and not sure why. I am completely open minded and think widely different. There are rational ways to deal with America problems without looting other people businesses and etc. People just don't want police officers using force vs the people that use excessive force that should be fired. Black Lives Matter want America their way and not the way it should be done. I am a black woman and believe me when I say that I piss people off by not going to protests and etc. All of this is too much. I can't stand being around all blacks everything because in my life they failed me in every way possible in life. I love diverse culture and don't think it's fair how other people following the "racism" game claiming to stand by "black lives matter". black lives don't even matter to other blacks when they kill each other so it does when the police officer does it? I honestly hate being black because it's hard. Since I can remember I hated being black. I never felt comfortable in my own skin. It's like being a trapped animal
Do you think black lives really matters?
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